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De-installing Colin Matthes mural and installing Makeal Flammini & Ella Dwyer mural, 2011

Temporary Mural Project, corner of Howell Ave. and E. Clarence St. in Milwaukee, WI, from 2010 to 2014.

In response to Milwaukee's restrictive public murals laws, Faythe Levine and Aaron Polansky started The TMP on the outdoor east-facing wall of Sky High on Howell Street. A curated rotating public art project, the TMP invited local artists to create an 8' x 8' mural in their studio and then install it on the building for three months. The murals were intended to give the artist exposure, brighten the community, and inspire creative growth in the neighborhood.


Souvenir postcards of each mural were printed in small editions available free in the shop. 

Edition 1 Alyssa Schulte, 2010
Ed. 2 Kimberly Weiss, 2010
Ed. 3 Colin Matthes, 2011
Ed. 4 Makeal Flammini & Ella Dwyer, 2011
Ed. 5 Vanessa Devaki Andrew, 2011
Ed. 6 Amanda Tollefson, 2011
Ed. 7 Eriks Johnson, 2012
Ed. 8 Paul Kjelland, 2012
Ed. 9 Erin Paisley-Stueber, 2013

Ed. 10 Kristopher Pollard, 2014

As of 2023, Aaron Polansky still periodically runs murals on the wall; for more information, follow @skyhigh1988

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