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Paper Moon Ball photo exhibition, contact sheet flyer, 2000

Paper Moon BallMinneapolis, MN, 2000


Inspired by a book of souvenir photography with numerous paper moon portraits, Levine fabricated three backdrops for The Paper Moon Ball. This was one of two significant themed happenings organized by Levine during her time in Minneapolis between 1996 and 2001. The PMB was hosted at the old Bedlam Theater on the Westbank. Levine intended to provide a space for folks within the radical community hanging around during that time to gather, potentially dress up, get weird(er), dance, and have their portrait captured. From this event, Levine printed photos in the community darkroom (in the basement of Bedlam), used dollar store frames, and had an opening a few months later at the Seward Cafe. 


Reflecting on these images over 20 years later, many significant moments have occurred. Numerous people have passed away, there have been marriages followed by divorce, children have been born and grown, and notably, many foundational friendships between many folks are thriving today. 


Additional information, archives, and images are available upon request. 

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