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In 2017, Levine learned about Charlotte Partridge (1882-1975)  and Miriam Frink (1892-1978) while doing peripheral research for a regional exhibition and became inspired by their combined roles as founders and co-directors of the Layton School of Art, involvement with the Wisconsin WPA, numerous community organizations, and domestic relationship of over 50-years.


Their history is a primarily untold story with Wisconsin milestones and many contradictions. To further establish their undervalued roles, she has spent hundreds of hours with their papers housed at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Libraries’ Archives Department. The result will be a new book exploring their history and personal correspondence published by OK Stamp Press in 2024 and a related exhibition at Lynden Sculpture Garden in 2025.

Charlotte Partridge and Miriam Frink, circa 1920

Courtesy of the Charlotte Russell Partridge and Miriam Frink Papers, 1862-1980

 Housed at the University of Wisconsin Libraries' Archives Department

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